Inheritance Recovery

Inheritance Recovery, created for the performance series AUTO FLP AP OFF at X and Beyond gallery in Copenhagen, imagines a future scenario where people have become so intertwined with technologies that they risk losing touch with a physical, somatic sense of self. This piece presents itself as a covert and experimental center for healing, for recovering what was once an inherited human trait- our physical and haptic selves. In the waiting room of the Inheritance Recovery Center, background about the revolutionary new technology designed by fictional character, Claymore Siek, is presented in a tactile information table. The activity that participants engage in takes place within ultraviolet lit rooms, where tactile objects are placed for people to engage with in various ways, based on voiced instructions and sounds over the PA system. A human operated interface, consisting of a rope being pulled on either ends by two people, determines the sequence of pre-recorded voiced instructions. The sensorial awareness this piece enhances has basis in research I did about sensorial rooms for people with ADHD and Autism where similar ultraviolet light and tactile elements are used to simplify and focus input to the senses. Binaural beats that stimulate particular brainwave frequencies were also used to move people in and out of different modes of concentration or relaxation. I see this piece as a start of a new body of work in which sound, light and touch are explored to generate somatic experiences within my conceptual work. Video documentation excerpt here: