the stone carving oraclestra

2008 – Present

Description: The Stone Carving Oraclestra performs “Experimental Archeology”, improvising vocally with proto-linguistic utterances, and spoken and sung phonemes. Using stones to channel intent and vocalizations, the Oraclestra offers intuitive “readings” to the audience. The performances are an imagined reinactment of a moment in time when sound was an early tool, just like stone for both attainment of knowledge and for acting upon the world. This piece also explores the dynamic of group improvisation in which meaning is created horizontally, through group cohesion. By positioning the sound as a “reading” the performers and audience are placed in a particular dynamic that alters both conventional roles of “performer” and “listener”.

Performed at D’Amelio Terras Gallery in NYC in 2008, High Zero Festival, Baltimore in 2008, STAMP Gallery at The University of Maryland in 2010 and at DCenter in Baltimore in 2013. Musicians in the piece included Liz Albee, Susan Alcorn, Chris Corsano, MV Carbon and Bill Nace.

Edited Video Documentation