list of live performances

List of Performances and Screenings. Solo, unless otherwise noted. ((§§ = w/Film Screenings))


Jan 24 – Liebig12 Gallery, Berlin, Vorspiel 2014, a Transmediale Festival pre-event Performance of LINGOR GRÄF // 00: COMPUTER-MEDIATED OCCULTATION

Feb 1- Smedjan, Gothenburg, Sweden. Solo music performance + Samara Lubelski

Feb 8 – Mayhem, Copenhagen, DK. Solo music performance + TBA


Jan 28 – Goethe Institute DC, Facing Democracy, Group Show. §§ Screening: Site Specific and Everywhere

Feb 03 – Tribal House, Baltimore. w/ Tarpit

Mar 6-7 – Anne Arundel Community College, MD. FLUX/SPIN group show. Interactive Performance/Installation Mottled Emigrant

Mar 14 – Anne Arundel Community College, MD. FLUX/SPIN group show. Interactive Performance Metal Machine Ghost Dance (interpretation of George Brecht’s score Motor Vehicle Sundown)

Mar 20 – Silent Barn, NYC. w/ Zaimph and Shiraishi/ Buerhaus

Mar 21 – Heaven’s Gate, Philly, w/ Zaimph, Tinnitustimulus, Unguent, Newton

Mar 22 – The Bank, Baltimore, w/ Bobby Donnie, Zaimph, Helmut Lampshade

Mar 27 – 5th Dimension, Baltimore, Metalux. w/ Chalaque and Yee Koo.

April 11 – Myspace, Baltimore, w/ Syntjuntan [Lise-Lotte Norelius & Ann Rosén] and Kataoka/Meredith duo

April 27 – Premise to Reality, group art and music show. installation and music works

April 29 – Public Assembly, NYC. w/ Barry Weisblatt, Spires that in the Sunset Rise

May 2 – Club K, Baltimore, w/ Spires that in the Sunset Rise, Carly Ptak, Childe Bride

May 24 – 5th Dimension, Baltimore Performance by J.Gräf and Ayako Kataoka. w/ Chuck Johnson, Meg Rorison films, Asa Osborne

Jun 30 – Coward Shoe, Baltimore. Evening of Sound, Film and Comedy. w/ Ric Royer, Tom Boram, Meg Rorison and films by Boram and Rorison.

July 13 – DCenter, Baltimore. Stone Carving Oraclestra Performance

July 14 – Holy Underground, Baltimore. w/ Ann Russel, Mondo

Jul 20 –  Henry’s Dream Festival, Roskilde, Denmark

Aug 01 –  Oberdeck, Hannover, Germany §§ Paraquat and The Shama Bird in 1889

Aug 03 –  Liebig 12, Berlin, Germany §§ Proud Flesh, Paraquat and The Shama Bird in 1889

Aug 03 – 06 – Artist Residency at Liebig 12, Berlin, Germany

Aug 07  – Die Druckerei, Hamburg Germany w/ EPKT and Pausenbeschallung Jetzmann

Aug 08 – Nest Artcinema Offoff, Gent, Belgium. w/Orphan Fairytale, Floris Vanhoof , & Felicia Atkinson +§§ Paraquat and The Shama Bird in 1889

Aug 09 – Stadslimiet, Antwerp, Belgium. w/ Bedsore Poet

Aug 10 – Extrapol, Nejmejen, Netherlands w/ La Band a Joe (Switzerland)

Aug 12 – 31 – STEIM artist residency, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Artist Talk/Demonstration.

Aug 21 – OCCII, Amsterdam, NE. Soliton (J. Gräf/ Chris Corsano duo)

Aug 22 – WORM, Rotterdam, NE. Soliton (J. Gräf/ Chris Corsano duo)

Aug 23 – Jazz House, Copenhagen, DK. Soliton (J. Gräf/ Chris Corsano duo)

Aug 23 –  SingSang Studion, Malmö. Soliton (J.Gräf / Chris Corsano duo) w/ Fria Konstallationen and 3AM

Aug 29 – Grambacht, Mechelen, Belgium w/ Marc Matter and Indias Indios.

Sep 04 – DIY Church, Erratic Zones episode, Live Radio Performance, Berlin, Germany. w/ Core of the Coalman, DJ Markus Stein and Simon Schäfer

Sep 05 – Tiefgrund, Berlin Germany. w/ Ute Wasserman, Johannes Bergmark, Tomomi Adachi, ID M Theftable and Core of the Coalman

Sep 07 – Cafe V Lese, Prague, CZ. w/ ID M Theftable

Sep 11 – Institut Fuer Neue Medien (organized by Phonophon), Frankfurt, Germany. w/Absinthe Des Steppes

Sep 18 – Akimbo Dance Festival, Baltimore. Collaboration w/ Caroline Marcantoni, Janel Leppin, Ciara Clements

Sep 17 – The Acme Corporation Fundraiser. St. Paul’s Church, Baltimore. Collaboration w/ dancer Caroline Marcantoni and cellist Alexa Richardson. w/Ben O Brien, Dale Beran, Trevor Wilhelms, Alicia Puglionesi, Jordan Card, Lesser Gonzalez

Oct 05 – Sonic Circuits Festival, D.C., performed in Janel Leppin’s Volcanic Ash Ensemble

Oct 06 – The Red Room, Baltimore, MD. w/ Marta Zapparoli and Yannick Frank

Oct 15 – Vox Populi, Philly. w/ M.Bassett/Weisblatt/Lafkas trio

Oct 25 – 5th D., Baltimore, MD. J.Gräf Solo Record Release show (accompanied by Kate Porter). w/ Bobby Donnie and Nathan Bell

Nov 12 –  Myspace, SMASHISM show, HER (J. Gräf + Shana Palmer) w/ Pod Blotz, Twig Harper and videos

Nov 30 – Silent Barn, COOLFEST, Metalux w/ Zaimph, Tarpit, 696 Blues Band and many more

Dec 12 – The Crown, Baltimore. OPIUM WAMPUM series, w/ jeremy hyman/ rjyan kidwell  and  Nemeton