mottled emigrant

Media: Interactive performance/ installation and “excretions”, 2013fam_web

March – April, 2013 at CADE Art Gallery, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold MD as part of Spins/Flux Fluxus inspired art show and Jun 15 – Aug 15, 2013 at DCenter, Baltimore MD as part of Baltimore From Many Perspectives curated by Sarah McCann. w/ Person Ablach, Robert Bilek, John Bohl, Colin Campbell, Jenny Graf, Paula Phillips, Olivia Robinson, Ernest Shaw and Christine Stiver and students from ConneXions School for the Arts

Description: The audience participates in the creation of new works daily or “excretions” via the Mottled Emigrant. The artist inhabits a tent-like larva structure for the duration of 3 days with a few supplies and a manual typewriter. The audience may feed non-perishable items (things they might otherwise throw away) through the mouth-like slot at one end of the structure. Once “fed”, these items are, altered, combined, transmuted and excreted, generating new works daily. This decidedly low-fi piece calls into question notions of the artist and her role in an existing economy of mass production, the mystification of the artist and of creativity, suggesting impossible parallels between the artist process and our economic model. The audience is cast as a participant in the economy of artistic production.

  Selection of Excretions: