luminous intervention

LIfrontlarge_0Greenpants is an artist-activist group that began the Luminous Intervention project to inject powerful imagery onto familiar city edifices via large-scale public projections. Using sites such as building facades, bridges, and other monuments to power, we are transforming the landscape in ways that address the most important issues of our time. The use of light to animate public space is a powerful tool that can reveal, unite, imagine, and illuminate. Our focus has been to create conversation around issues of social and economic disparity and to look at and propose models for change. Projections reflect what community activist groups have been working on for years as well as emerging issues such as debates over “legitimate rape”, the use of drones in warfare, the school to prison pipeline, and unfair development that disadvantages huge populations while benefiting the corporate elite.

As a seven person artist collective, we aim to create a sustainable working model that enables us to work day jobs while doing the research, technical training, and organizing necessary to execute our projects. Greenpants has collaborated with such organizations as United Workers, Baltimore Redevelopment Action Coalition for Empowerment, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Communities for All Ages, Witness Against Torture, and the Johns Hopkins Human Rights Working Group. We have prompted both local and national conversations through media coverage of our actions. Our projections sometimes include interactive performances, and participatory components such as live feeds of audience tweeted content.


Luminous Intervention has been supported with funding from a number of generous organizations and individuals, including the Research Associates FoundationArt is My Occupation, other regional organizations, and our network of friends and supporters.