Flame Organ

For this 4-channel participatory performance, the audience is invited to enter the circle surrounding a candle. As they move, subtle air currents move the candle’s flame, which is read by a camera and sent to a Max/Msp patch on the computer which uses data from the flame’s movements to create a sequence of sounds and to spatialise sounds into 4 speakers. This piece uses samples of organ sounds as the primary source and also uses a live sustained low tone on the church organ. Please note: the fluctuating image is a result of the massive pressure of air current flowing through the church from the live organ. Walking in a circle has been traditionally linked to meditative practice, and the idea to use group dynamics as detected by air current as a generative engine for sound to emphasise a connection between organ, space and social connectivity. This piece was a part of the Organ Festival at Koncertkirken. In collaboration with Mathias Riis Andersen

Video Documentation

The Flame Organ, participatory 4-channel composition with live organ from Jenny Graf on Vimeo.