Channel Mist

Channel Mist is a participatory framework for creating a sprayable essence made from Copenhagen harbor waters and plant essences. Participants aboard a boat in August 2015 harvested, filtered, channeled intention, added essences and bottled the water which was later auctioned off at the famous Plaster Cast Museum in Copenhagen, the former warehouse site of the goods bartered in exchange for African slaves during the time of the Danish slave trade.

Channel Mist is a means to consider not only the energy needed to create clean water, but also to consider the value of this energy. Water in this piece in a sense transformed into an artifact, a byproduct of an experience, a memento through which a story can be re-lived by using the mist.

This project was a culmination of research I did on the water quality in Denmark and how this is achieved. It is also a way of contemplating and critiquing the commodification and privatization of a basic building block of life. The accumulation of wealth by a few that comes with commodifying life is absurd. This critique within project’s conceptualisation is not evident at first: The Channel Mist essence line masks as an essence, just as an essence masks a true scent hidden beneath, and just as manufactured desire masks the value and dignity of the object of desire.

This first performance was part of Copenhagen Art Week 2015 which considered the theme Shared Space.

testing mist Magnus test mist line up girls filter in progress Auction_01